Sue Lockwood Summers 

A teacher, writer, and speaker based in Littleton, Colorado who has dedicated 20 years to researching and creating effective ways to teach critical thinking skills about media to children and adults. 

A former member of the National Faculty for Turner Learning, a board member of the media literacy advocacy organization, PRIIME TIIME TODAY, and recently an advisory board member for the Public Broadcasting Station serving the Denver area, Sue has been an elementary  library media specialist in Jefferson County, Colorado for over 20 years.

Read Sue's blogs about today's culture and how parents, teachers, and youth pastors can deal with relevant topics.

"An Audience of One"

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Sue is available to speak at school inservices for K-12 teachers.


The 3R's...

"Sue Lockwood Summers has created the '3 Rs' for the 21st century, Review, Reflect, React... a foundation for learning in the media age."
          Joe Zesbaugh, President
          Pacific Mountain Network

Sue Lockwood Summers, an instrumental force in the media literacy movement in American classrooms has contributed with top-selling resource books for teachers.  Her Changing the World Through Media Education has made a significant impact in the media classroom and her first book, Media Alert!, is a great tool for teachers, parents, church leaders, and others in how the media relate to values and ideals.

Summers was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from State University College at Potsdam, New York and a Master of Arts in Media from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado.

Sue writes, speaks, and consults with school districts, educational organizations, churches, and other groups that are focused on helping children and teens become critical thinkers.

Sue was selected as the winner of Cable's 2006 Leaders in Learning Media Literacy Award.  As the winner, she traveled to Washington, DC, to spread the word about PRIIME TIIME TODAY (  with all expenses paid by COMCAST, our local cable company. 
Learn more about this prestigious award and the Cable in the Classroom gala at:

Read the June 13, 2006, Cable in the Classroom press release:

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Coming in 2023!

Sue has created an exciting Media-savvy Curriculum for youth pastors, Christian school teachers, and home school parents. These lessons introduce foundational strategies and skills that will encourage teens in middle school and high school to become wise media consumers. These activities lay the groundwork for awareness and reflection – truly, critical thinking about the media’s messages.

The structure: This curriculum contains 25 teen-friendly interactive lessons. The various topics are indeed nuggets – each will be an important piece of the puzzle. Each lesson contains two activities. The lessons feature scriptures that will promote discussion about God’s ways vs. the world’s ways.

The strategy: Each lesson can be completed during one session or over several meeting times. This series of lessons can be shared on Youth Group night, during Sunday School time, at a youth retreat, in a school or home school setting, or within a family’s devotional time. Each one is designed to be a “stand-alone lesson”.

Watch for news for the publication of this curriculum this year!!

How can churches inspire teenagers to be media-savvy, stay focused on God's Word, and deal with today's culture?

Sue Summers is the author of a new dynamic curriculum for youth pastors to give students the tools to:
~ discern truth
~ analyze media content
~ navigate through mixed messages and conflicting values.

This curriculum bridges God's Word and the current culture.

"I am not defined by the culture."® 

This is the focus of both the curriculum and Sue's dedication to encouraging young people to take a stand for Christ and not be swept away by the culture's impact.

What Is Media Literacy?

Media literacy refers to the critical thinking skills and knowledge that are needed to question, analyze, interpret, and evaluate those messages that are disseminated by the print and electronic media including newspapers, magazines, telecommunication, radio, movies and television among others.

Sue's latest book,

GET THEM THINKING! Use Media Literacy to Prepare Students for State Assessments,

has been published by Linworth Publishing! This new book is aimed at K-12 teachers and media specialists and is filled with strategies to integrate media literacy into all curriculum areas. This approach will stimulate critical thinking and improve test scores.
Available directly from the author:

Her book, GET THEM THINKING!, is receiving great reviews and is being used by many schools to help improve state assessment scores.

Youth pastors, home school teachers, parents,
Sunday School teachers, grandparents:

Are you struggling to find a way to discuss current media and cultural issues with teens?

Sue's blog is aimed at adults who have a rapport with teens but need specific ideas to interact with them.

Check out her "Media Savvy Kids" blog each month at:

Be sure to read the archived blogs, too!


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