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by Sue Lockwood Summers




The news is presented in many different ways.  Variations may include:   

  the amount of information given

            the images that accompany the story

            the emphasis or placement of the news item

            the actual words or text used in the news story 

These components may affect your perceptions of the world around you.



Watch a news story on a nightly television news program.  Listen to the radio headlines for the report of the same story.  Find the same news item on the Internet and in a local newspaper, a national newspaper, and a weekly news magazine.  Compare and contrast the various elements. See how you react to each presentation.



What are the differences between TV, radio, print, and Internet news reporting?

Which news source gives the most information?

Which news source depends the most on visuals?

How can the images used in a news report affect its message?

How can the words used in a news report affect its message?