Media Literacy Tip #2     (see tip #1)  (see tip #3)   (see tip#4)

Concept:    Everyday we are bombarded by thousands of mixed messages and varied values from television.

 Activity:     There are three basic steps you can take to become responsibly involved in media excellence:

 1)      REVIEW   Turn off the TV after viewing a program and consider the     content and the purpose of that show. Decide what was appropriate and what wasn't. Was it realistic? 

2)      REFLECT   Think about the images and text of the programs and the commercials you saw. Discuss what you liked and didn't like and why. 

3)      REACT   If you found the programs or commercials to be excellent, call the TV station or write to the sponsor to let them know how you feel. If you found them to be inappropriate, take time to call or write. Make a decision about whether the show has merit and should be watched in the future.



          How can you become more involved in the media selection process? 

What immediate steps do you think would help make television more excellent?            

            What can teens and younger folks do to become involved in these actions?