Media Literacy Tip #4     (see tip #1)   (see tip #2)    (see tip #3)

TV Commercials

• The average viewer sees 1000 TV commercials every week.  (52,000 per year, or 1 million in 20 years) 
• Commercials occupy 10 to 16 minutes of each hour of television. • Sponsors purchase airtime to televise packaged commercials.

During one hour of prime time TV, count how many different ads are shown. (Some last a few seconds, some 30 or 60 seconds.) Be sure to include all ads for products, Public Service Announcements (PSAs), all program and news "teasers", and political "spots". Do the same thing for one hour of daytime broadcast TV, and one hour of cable TV viewing.

• Which hour had the most ads?
• Were you surprised how many ads are shown in an hour?
• If the TV is on for just 4 hours a day in your home, how many commercials will your family see in a week?  in a year?
• Talk about your favorite and least-favorite ads.

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