Media Literacy Tip #3     (see tip #1)   (see tip #2)   (see tip #4)

The Truth?

Information is available 24 hours a day through various media. Television and radio are full of talkshows, news magazine programs, "infomercials", and commercials. The headlines of tabloids, magazines, and newspapers all scream out "facts". The Internet has thousands of websites touting the latest information. It takes discernment to weed through all this and decide what is real - what is truth.

Watch television with your family and listen for the "facts" stated in commercials, talkshows, news, or other TV programs.  List unsubstantiated words or phrases such as: "the best", "longest lasting", or "strongest". Listen for factual support of those words or phrases.       
•  Were the TV commercials accurate and truthful?
•  Did any news report contain statements that lacked support or facts?
•  Is there any penalty for exaggerating, giving opinions, or lying on TV?
•  How can you find out whether something is accurate?